Social Network

Social network is the activity of expanding the number of an individuals or social business network by increasing the number of social contacts by making connections. It is made possible through social media platforms such as Facebook.

Depending on the social media platform members may be able to make connections. Members can make connections with contacts of friends that they could have not met otherwise. Social media platforms allow individuals to have contact of friends they could have not met. Mostly the new connections involve friends of individuals they could have not met in any other circumstance.

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A social network is not just an interaction platform. Social networking establishes interlinked online communities. People from different parts of the world can interact and talk about various topics without having to meet each other physically. The distance between individuals is reduced to a point you don’t notice the person you are talking to Is miles away and in some situations you might have probably have never met. Becoming a good niche to entrepreneurs to expand their marketing. Social media platforms provide a wide range of marketing opportunities to entrepreneurs since a well-informed entrepreneur can make sales globally by utilizing the power of social media platforms to acquire customers.

Open Source

I believe in the minds of many once the term open source is mentioned what comes to an individual’s mind is an image of computer hackers. Probably siting in a dark room coding endless back end codes listening to game music sound tracks. In real word open source software’s provide solutions for people.

For instance, google chrome is an example of open source software. Most people don’t know that they are actually using more of open source software’s in their everyday activities on their computers. The open source software’s power your favorite websites for instance Facebook.

The main idea behind open source is to provide users with rights with the software’s they use. It is well reflected in the daily life on an individual, each individual has basic rights that protect him or her. People have rights to make things that they have an attraction to. Anyone can start and contribute on any site they like.

Open source is not only being used to cater for information technology needs. Open source is also being used to improve n other sectors such as government and health care data management. Social media and social networking has been revolutionized.

Just like open source social media platforms is about giving people the right to communicate with individuals they are interested with and willing to network with. It gives an individual an opportunity to manage and operate one’s own experience.

Comparison Between Open Source and Social Media

Social media is currently being explored by entrepreneurs as a result of its capability to generate sales and attract new customers.

Unlike open source social media does not require sophisticated installation of hardware’s to operate on. Open source is hardware dependent while social media is software dependent giving social media an advantage over open source.