The unique idea behind Zendaya’s fun Super Bowl ad for Squarespace

As celebrities go, it’s tough to think of a more popular, more of-this-moment personality than Zendaya. The young artist starred in the biggest box-office movie of 2021 (Spider-Man: No Way Home), and one of the buzziest TV shows of the new year (HBO’s Euphoria). It’s also difficult to find a young, insanely popular celebrity whom fans of movies, music, and fashion follow by the millions, who has done less advertising and brand work.

This is the magical formula Squarespace is aiming to bottle in its new Super Bowl commercial. Here we see Zendaya as Sally Seashells, of old-timey tongue-twister fame, trying to sell her wares down by . . . you guessed it . . . the seashore. Inevitably a certain e-commerce and website service helps her out.

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